Recently, rumors appeared on the web that Microsoft is going to buy Techland. However, now the community manager of the Polish studio has stated that this is not true. According to him, the developers of Dying Light 2 do not intend to make a deal with Microsoft or anyone else.

Dying Light 2
The fact that Microsoft is interested in Techland takeover was talked about two weeks ago.

Blogger Jeremy Penter, known as “ACG”, mentioned Microsoft’s plans during the Defining Duke podcast. He did not share details and did not even say which studio he was talking about buying. That’s just last Friday, the host of the XboxEra podcast under the nickname Shpeshal Ed, referring to his sources, said — an American corporation wants to acquire Techland.

A few hours later, the studio’s community manager wrote a reply post on Twitter. He recalled that exactly the same rumor went around a year ago, but Techland still retains its independence.

Despite the denial, in the comments to the tweet, some questioned its authenticity. They say that the community manager cannot know everything about the situation and in any case he would have to answer about the rumors in this way.

Techland was founded in 1991. During this time, the company has released many games, the most famous of which was the zombie action game Dying Light. Now the developers are engaged in the second part of the title. Despite the fact that Dying Light 2 was announced three years ago, the exact release date of the project is still unknown.