A month ago, Take-Two announced that the NBA 2K21 game would cost $10 more for the Xbox Series X and PS5. Not all publishers approve of this approach, but the head of the company has his own opinion.

At the end of July, Ubisoft announced that, unlike Take-Two, it would not raise the price tag, and games for new-generation consoles would cost the same as for the old generation. This applies, at least, to autumn releases. Whether prices will rise after that is still unknown.

Ubisoft’s statement did not confuse the head of Take-Two Strauss Zelnik (Strauss Zelnick). He believes that each company has the right to decide for itself how much the games will cost. The buyer chooses the game not by price, but by quality.

“Prices for advanced games have not risen for a long time, and the cost of production has become much more expensive,” comments Zelnik. “We offer our consumers very high-quality games, which can be fully enjoyed only on new-generation consoles. It justifies the price.”

Zelnik also added that not all next-generation games will go up to $70. Take-Two will deal with each title separately.

The standard price of basic versions of AAA games was established in 2005. For 15 years, the games cost the same – $60. At the same time, their development cost has managed to grow significantly – by 200-300%.

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