The Finnish smithy of hits announced that Brawl Stars will have a global launch. The game will be the fifth Supercell project to survive the softlonch.

The isometric MMO shooter has been in the softlonch for more than a year. During this time, the game has changed dramatically three times. Supercell completely redesigned both its monetization and the main gameplay.

Until today, some gaming experts predicted the closure of the project. For example, the founder of the mobile game design blog Deconstructor of Fun, Mikhail Katkoff, insisted that the project did not meet the Supercell quality criteria.

Brawl Stars 
The dynamics of financial indicators also indicated that the project was likely to be closed.

After entering any of the markets where the game took place sotflonch, Brawl Stars showed good earnings only in the first months.

The level of the final plateau, if you look at DataMagic data, in commercial terms, the game in all regions turned out to be significantly lower (up to ten times) than the previous Supercell game — Clash Royale — for the same period.

Monthly sales of iOS versions of games in Canada since May 2018 (DataMagic)
In absolute numbers, the novelty also has a so-so situation so far.

If Clash Royale earned $3.8 million in two months of pre-launch, then Brawl Stars earned only $5 million in a year and a half.

Anyway, the project is still coming out. It will appear in mobile stores from December of this year. Today, November 14, pre-registration for the game has already begun.

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