The authors of Clash of Clans and Puzzle & Dragons have agreed among themselves on a large cross-promotional campaign.

The Japanese card battler, which provided GungHo with a capitalization of $ 15 billion, will feature exclusive content from Clash of Clans (a new dungeon and monsters). In turn, Supercell will aggressively promote Puzzle & Dragons in its games. The promotion will start on June 24 and last for two weeks.

The cooperation is aimed at mutually beneficial promotion of titles in the markets of interest to the company.

GungHo is interested in the American App Store, where its position in the box office top leaves much to be desired. With the help of advertising in Supercell projects, she hopes to compete with Mobage in the USA.

In turn, the Finns want to rise in the Japanese box office tops. Popularization of the title with the help of a game played by every tenth inhabitant of the Land of the Rising Sun is just what they need.


IP promotion with the help of new content is an ordinary practice for GungHo. On May 27, an advertising campaign began in Puzzle & Dragons, which blew up the Japanese press: characters and monsters from the popular anime series Evangelion appeared in the game.

By the way, Supercell will be at the White Nights: Mobile Games conference, which will be held in St. Petersburg on June 27-28. The Finnish company will be represented by Heinie Vesander, head of the PR department of Supercell, with a report “Supercell’s Secret Sauce”. Our interview with Heinie can be read here.