Business news (and not only) of the gaming industry for August 22.


Zynga will make “Star Wars” games

Developer Farmville has signed a deal with Disney to develop mobile games for the Star Wars franchise. We are talking about a multi-year, though not exclusive contract.

Part of the deal will be the transfer of Star Wars: Commander under the control of Zynga (the strategy was originally made by Disney itself). Also, according to the agreement, the British NaturalMotion, which belongs to Zynga, will develop future titles on the universe.

This is not the best news for EA, which was previously the main developer of new games in the world of “Star Wars”.

What makes the situation particularly acute is that the current CEO of Zynga, Frank Gibeau, played an important role for EA in obtaining this Disney franchise. Recall that in 2013 he was vice president of EA Mobile.

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A movie will be released on Monument Valley

Ustwo Games studio, which developed and released two parts of the mobile meditative blockbuster Monument Valley, has agreed to shoot a film in the dilogy universe.

Paramount Pictures and Weed Road Pictures, which have already found the director of the future picture, will be responsible for the picture. It was Patrick Osborne, winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Cartoon — Feast.

Despite the director’s experience, the film adaptation itself will not be a cartoon. There is a place for both live filming and computer graphics in it.

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Natives of Bioware make a cooperative action role-playing movie

Former employees of the Austin studio Bioware, who previously worked mainly on Star Wars: The Old Republic, launched their own studio in 2015 — QC Games. At the exhibition in Cologne, they announced what they are doing now.

We are talking about the Breach project. This is a four-on-four cooperative action game in which the player can create characters like in a role-playing game. That is, choose from a dozen classes, customize and so on.

There is a nuance. Part of the QC Games team also previously worked on a closed Bioware project called Shadow Realms. It was also a cooperative action role-playing game in which teams of four had to fight.

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