We continue the mini-series of interviews in the framework of the WN Dev Contest. In them, the jury of the competition shares tips on working in the games market. This time we talked with Ivan Nikitin, the product manager at Sensorium Galaxy.

Ivan NikitinApp2Top.ru Q: How many VR game publishers are on the market right now?

Ivan: VR gaming is only a part of the video game industry. Now we are seeing more and more traditional publishers (both those engaged in AAA and small independent teams) turning to VR.

App2Top.ru: Under what conditions do they usually work?

Ivan: The terms and conditions under which VR teams work do not differ from those under which studios associated with desktop and console development work. However, I am waiting for more opportunities to appear regarding the integration of VR projects into separate VR platforms. This may change the publishing standards of VR games and applications.

App2Top.ru : In various reports, it is increasingly mentioned that VR games are earning more and more. Is it true? What kind of sales can a strong average person count on today?

Ivan: Hits on VR are single stories. As a rule, VR exclusives do not bring enough funds to create a sustainable business structure. We expect that this situation will change after the appearance of new VR devices. Oculus Quest 2 is changing the market right before our eyes.

App2Top.ru Q: What projects are you looking for in the framework of the competition?

Ivan: We are looking for games that explore and expand the paraphysical nature of VR interactivity. I’m talking about an experience that is possible exclusively in VR, controlled with the help of hands and with six degrees of freedom, about an experience that is impossible in any other format.