After good sales of Persona 4: Golden on Steam, Japanese Sega is going to transfer games to PC much more actively.

Sega announced this in an interview with investors yesterday. In it, she said that in June she released a remaster of the Persona 4: Golden game on PC, which was previously released only on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Vita. By the middle of the next month, Persona 4 was downloaded by 500 thousand Steam users.

The company shared that it did not expect such large figures from the game, but they will undoubtedly affect the company’s behavior in the future.

“We will continue to aggressively migrate previously released games to Steam and other new platforms,” Sega said. “Taking this into account, we will develop multiplatform games from the very beginning.”

The strategy of “re-selling games” as a whole turned out to be quite effective for the Japanese corporation this year. According to Sega, in March and April, games from its library began to be sold at a tremendous speed. Sales growth slowed in July, but still remained higher than in 2019.

Unfortunately, video games became the only profitable direction in the entire Sega entertainment division in the last fiscal quarter. The pandemic has significantly hit other businesses of the company. For example, according to the results of the last financial quarter, Sega sold only 177 pachinko machines (last year it managed to sell 16,000 machines in the same period).

By the way, some of the publisher’s subsidiaries outside Japan are already releasing PC games, while showing good financial results. Among them are Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment, Amplitude Studios and Sports Interactive.

Recently, Total War Saga: Troy performed well. The strategy developed by Creative Assembly was downloaded 7.5 million times during the day of free distribution on the Epic Games Store.

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