Russia’s largest bank “Sber” will undertake the development and publication of video games. To do this, he launched the “Sber Games” direction within the framework of the subsidiary company “Sberintertainment“. Alice Chumachenko, founder and former CEO of Game Insight, became the co-founder and CEO of the gaming business.

According to Vedomosti, already this year, the “Sber Games” will be engaged in the formation of a team, as well as the creation of:

  • production center;
  • publishing houses;
  • internal development studios;
  • various gaming services.

Also, Sber Games has plans to acquire existing gaming companies. Gosu Data Lab., which analyzes the behavior of esports players in multiplayer projects, may be the first in line. Founder of Gosu Data Lab. Alice Chumachenko is also there (in total, since its foundation in 2017, her startup has attracted more than $5 million in investment funds).

Working within the framework of the Sber ecosystem will allow you to quickly win an audience and bring new opportunities for game developers in the Russian market,” commented Tatiana Dobrokhvalova, Senior vice president of the bank and CEO of Sberintertainment, on the launch of the direction.