In 2017, consumer spending on mobile apps in Russia increased by 40%. At the end of last year, they amounted to $470 million. This was stated by App Annie in her own presentation on the situation in Russia.


According to App Annie, in 2016, $340 million was spent on mobile applications in Russia. This year brought in $130 million more – almost half a billion (by the way, global consumer spending on applications amounted to $86 billion last year).

The company does not explain what explains such dynamics, but only clarifies that Russia is approaching a period of “rapid involvement and spending growth.”

How much of the specified amount was spent on games is still unknown. However, we can assume that this is at least 70% of the figure (the share of games in consumer spending in app stores ranges from 70 to 80% on average worldwide). In other words, $329 million.


In Russia, installations have also grown during the reporting period. In 2017, Russians downloaded 14% more apps than a year earlier: the figure rose from 3.8 billion to 4.4 billion.

That’s a lot. Even relative to the market. Global app downloads from the App Store and Google Play last year amounted to 175 billion.

Russia ranks fifth in the world in terms of downloads from mobile app stores. It is located between Brazil and Indonesia.

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