The authors of Angry Birds have founded a startup that will release a Netflix analogue for mobile games early next year.


The new company is called Hatch Entertainment. Her Hatch gaming platform was originally developed at Rovio. Then the management of the Finnish gaming giant decided that the service would be able to attract more projects if it worked as an independent company.

Hatch is a mobile analogue of such PC services as OnLive and Gaikai, its closest alternative in the television market is Netflix and Hulu. The service allows you to launch games from a mobile device without downloading them from the app store. It is enough for the user to launch the service itself, and then select the game of interest.

Hatch’s monetization will be based on advertising. If users want to get rid of ads, they will need to subscribe to the app. The service is primarily focused on supporting paid games that will be able to start earning with it.

More than 40 companies will release 100 projects on the platform in the first half of 2017. Hatch partners include such companies as Bandai Namco, Taito, Ubisoft, Bossa Studios, Double Fine Productions, Frogmind, GungHo, ustwo Games and the domestic ZeptoLab.

The service will allow you not only to play without downloading, but also to share gameplay moments, stream in real time, compete with each other and even help pass difficult levels by taking control.

The CEO of Hatch is Juhani Honkala, who previously served as senior Vice President of Rovio Entertainment. He has been working on cloud technologies at the company since 2011.

Rovio now remains the holder of Hatch shares, but it is not known exactly what share it has. In addition to the service, Hatch Entertainment is launching an investment fund that will be aimed at supporting games for the platform.

The soft launch of Hatch is scheduled for next year. First, the platform will be released on Android.

Source: GamesIndustry