Art Director of Kefir Studio and producer of the Last Day on Earth project Pyotr Kostylev spoke about how the year has passed for the company and noted the most important trends of recent times.

Peter Kostylev How was the year for your company?

In general, it is stable and saturated. As planned, we dedicated this year to supporting Last Day on Earth. And while we were celebrating the anniversary of the game, our St. Petersburg partners released the Grim Soul project. And now they are successfully supporting it. In turn, we have also prepared a rather unusual project, which will be released at the beginning of next year and, most importantly, as we love, we were engaged in prototypes of new games. I really hope that by the middle of 2019 we will start full-fledged development of the game based on our prototypes. It will be very interesting!

Workflow in KefirWhich event of 2018 do you consider the most important for the industry?

I think this is an enchanting epic with loot boxes, which still won’t subside in any way. In general, I see this event as positive for the industry. Although it is still rolling mainly through the big game rendezvous, it can also reach the mobile. I think this may force developers to be more inventive in monetization methods, which in general will push the industry forward, and more importantly, it reminds us that no matter how big “electronic cards” we are, the most important thing is the players, and we need to listen to their opinion.

Workflow in KefirWhat trends of the outgoing year would you note?

Here you can pay attention to the unions of large publishers creating AAA games, which together with Tencent have started making and releasing mobile versions of their projects and are aiming specifically at China.

What are the third-party projects of this year that you liked the most?

Fallout 76! Joke… this is the deepest disappointment for me in the last few years.

Seriously, first of all, I would note the amazing performance quality of Red Dead Redemption 2. Just a mind-blowing detail of the world and characters, fused together with history and landscapes, as if recreated from the works of American artists of the 19th century. Bravo Rockstar!

Workflow in Kefir
Also pleased with Spider Man and God of War.

I really liked Graveyard Keeper from Russian developers Lazy Bear Games. Cool graphics, interesting mechanics and a cool Steam article about the effects in the game! Write more!

Well, the most unusual project that I have come across (not for the faint of heart here, because the picture can be repulsive) is Return of the Obra Dine from the creator of Papers, Please. A very cool and unusual game!