The Danish film company Nordisk Film continues to buy shares of Star Stable Entertainment — the creator of the social MMO Star Stable Online.

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Star Stable Online
In May, Nordisk Film acquired a minority stake in the developer for $17 million.

Now, according to, she paid another $11 million and increased her stake in the company to 40%.

After six months of working with our owners, Nordisk Film, we are very pleased that they have increased their stake in the company. Now we see that they are confident in our mission to create high-quality entertainment for teenage girls and young women.

Johan Schoeberg

CEO of Star Stable Entertainment

In the last two years, Nordisk Film has been actively investing in video games.

  • In the same May, it absorbed Avalanche Studios, the developer of Mad Max and Just Cause, paying $103 million.
  • Nordisk Film is also a minority shareholder of Reto-Moto, known for Heroes & Generals. The shares were bought for $5 million in December last year.
  • In addition, Nordisk Film has created a business incubator for VR startups together with mobile publisher gumi ink. The incubator budget was $113 thousand.

In addition to investing in game development, Nordisk Film operates a network of cinemas in Norway and Denmark and produces films, cartoons and TV programs.

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