Studio Nordeus, known for the mobile football manager Top Eleven, said about the fact that he will soon release a new project that will be far from a football theme.


Released in 2010, the Top Eleven game from Nordeus is still the leader in the relatively free niche of mobile football. The project remains in the top hundred and is one of the rare games played in all countries of the world by more than 150 million people (in more than 100 regions they play on iOS and in 70 countries on Google Play). Which countries are the most important for the game today, as well as whether its developer plans to take on other niches, we asked Milos Milosevic, a data engineer at Nordeus.


Milos MilosevicWhich markets are the most important for you today?

I rarely ask this question, because the answer is usually obvious – the USA. But in your case, I don’t think that’s the case. Classic football is not popular in the USA.

Yes, this is not our main market. The top countries for us are the countries where traditional football is very popular – this is a large part of Europe, including Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Turkey. There are still not so expected countries, such as China and Indonesia. You won’t believe it, but we have players even in Antarctica and the Vatican.

You mentioned China. This is very unexpected.

The Chinese love football, the game is steadily growing in popularity in China, which is why there has been a recent increase there. And we are very happy about it.

Are you known for Top Eleven, for the football title, are you planning to take up another topic?

We are constantly working on new ideas and prototypes. We filter them carefully and see if they meet our expectations and what we think they will play. This drive to create the best games is part of us. We will never lower the bar, and our independence helps us to steadily pursue our goals. That is why we are very excited about the new game. We have a good feeling and we are looking forward to the release! I can only tell you that it is very different from Top Eleven, which may be unexpected. Follow our news!

Will it be a casual, midcore or hardcore project?

I would say that it will be a midcore title, very exciting. A whole new world in which we were striving to reach the AAA level in terms of entertainment and the feeling of the game together with our design team led by Daryl Klulow.


Definitely not about football?

Not exactly about him. It will be a completely different project.

Football is our passion, part of our DNA, if I may say so, but there are other areas that inspire us, and we hope that we have enough experience to create a world–class product other than Top Eleven and football. Yes, I can say that he is different.