The authors of Pocket Frog, Tiny Tower and Nimble Quest decided to make an ideological continuation of the Pocket Planes economic strategy. This time, the main role is no longer planes, but trains.

Last year, immediately after the June release of Pocket Planes, David Mars, one of the founders of NimbleBit, said that their project was originally conceived as a game about railways. 

A “sketch” of games presented by David a year ago  “We decided to turn to airplanes because the need to travel on rails… it restricts, contradicts the spirit of exploration and wandering that we wanted to achieve in the game,” David said at the time.

Despite this statement, NimbleBit seems to have decided to release Pocket Trains after all. 

Ian Marsh, David’s brother, recently published several screenshots from an unannounced title. Judging by them, Pocket Trains will appear in the App Store and Google Play very soon: trains and railways are in place. 

The screen presented by Ian the other dayRecall, despite the close attention to Pocket Planes at the time of release (the game was in the top 10 free Phone apps in the USA in the first week of sales), the game quickly lost downloads.

By the end of August, the project had already dropped out of the top thousand downloads. At the moment, he is in the top overall at 904 place.

In terms of cash, not everything is so sad. The game was in the box office top 100 for the first month of sales. Then they stabilized in the top 400-500.

I hope we will see very soon whether the train game will show the best results.