The launch of the Xbox Series X is scheduled for November, Microsoft first reported. At the same time, at the start, the next-generation console will remain without the main exclusive in the face of Halo Infinite, which unexpectedly moved next year.Despite the fact that Microsoft planned to release its next-generation console at the end of this year, even an approximate release window was not called until that moment.

The company still does not announce the exact date, but in its blog for the first time it designated a specific month when the new Xbox will be on sale.

Among the bad news is the transfer of Halo Infinite, which was supposed to be the main launch project of the Xbox Series X, to 2021. Developers from 343 Industries admitted that this was influenced by many factors, including the pandemic. Chris Lee, the head of the studio, thanked the fans for their patience and promised that the extra time for polishing would allow them to make “the most ambitious game in the Halo series.”

In response to the transfer of its main exclusive, Microsoft reminded that users will still have access to more than 50 new games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion and Dirt 5. Also, several dozen more popular titles like Destiny 2, Gears 5 and Ori and the Will of the Wisps will receive updates for the new generation and will be specially optimized for Series X.

Microsoft’s main focus is still on the Xbox Game Pass service, which provides access to a large library of already released games and new releases. Starting from September 15, Premium subscription holders will also be able to play more than 100 titles through the cloud on Android devices.

Another important advantage of the Xbox Series X will be the support for backward compatibility with all previous generations of Microsoft consoles. Some of the old games will also receive support for 4K resolution and HDR, which will improve the image quality.

Microsoft’s main console competitor, represented by Sony, has not yet disclosed data on the launch of PlayStation 5 sales. At the same time, analysts predict that the new console of the Japanese company will overtake the Xbox Series X in sales by about two times. According to forecasts by DFC Intelligence, the PS5 could become Sony’s third console with a circulation exceeding 100 million copies.

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