xCloud streaming service has become available on iOS and PC. Microsoft has announced the launch of an open beta test in 22 countries. Russia is not among them.

Only Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to use the service. They will be able to run the xCloud beta on computers with Windows 10 operating system via Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. You will also have to enable xCloud on Apple smartphones and tablets through the Safari browser.

The head of xCloud, Catherine Gluckstein, noted that now the service will work on the Xbox Series X. This will allow you to broadcast games with a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of up to 60 fps.

Microsoft intends to further improve xCloud by adding new features to it. The company did not specify which ones.

Recall that initially Microsoft was going to launch xCloud on iOS in the format of a mobile application. This did not suit Apple, which claimed that services for “playing in the cloud” give gamers access to games that it cannot check for compliance with the rules of the App Store.

Later, Microsoft found a way to cope with the limitations and developed a web version of xCloud. The closed beta test of this version and the PC version began in April 2021.

The beta service for Android started in September last year.

xCloud is a streaming service through which gamers can play Xbox console products on other devices via the cloud. Its beta version was released in November 2019, and the official launch took place last September. Now xCloud supports over 100 AAA titles.