Get Set Games has launched Mega Jump 2. The continuation of the legendary arcade is already available in New Zealand. On January 16, there will be a worldwide release in the App Store.

The original Mega Jump project was very popular. In total, the jumping monster game has been downloaded 45 million times. 

The sequel promises several innovations. There will be more virtual characters in the game, each of which has a unique ability. Not without new elements on the levels. Get Set Games has developed a more modern engine for the sequel, which produces a clear picture at a high frame rate per second. 

Mega Mode will be added to the project, offering gamers more treasures. The adventure mode, where you need to complete tasks and missions, is also of interest.

Get Set Games company is known for a series of Mega-games, which includes Mega Jump and Mega Run. In addition, the studio has released the game Monsters, Inc. Run, based on the cartoon from Disney.