Company reports that its search engine has now learned to search for content in mobile applications. Osmino startup helped the largest Russian Internet company in this.

Content search is the Achilles heel of the AppStore and Google Play. Even in these largest stores, the search is based on the description of the application, and not on its contents. Nevertheless, more and more information appears in mobile programs every day. It was these data that were of the greatest interest to .

The mechanism developed by the creators of Osmino requests the permission of application developers and uses original algorithms for indexing information. The system needs to index hundreds of thousands of applications. All this was achieved by Russian developers. Google is also engaged in searching inside applications. The American company has been testing its own search engine since the end of October. So far, only some interested developers have access to this service.

“A search that searches only on the web works only in the browser. Now in the mobile and web versions of “Search Mail.Ru”you can search through the content of the application and select the application where the information of interest to the user is located,” the representatives explained to us Mail.Ru Grop. 

A source: the company: Mail.Ru Group is one of the largest Internet companies in Runet, owns the Odnoklassniki social network, and also develops and publishes games.

Has a license for “Allods Online”. In the mobile market, one of her most successful projects is Jungle Heat.