We talked to the lawyer of the former employees of Limestone Games, who last week accused their employer of corruption and kidnapping of the company.

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To the questions App2Top.ru Tambet Toomela, a partner at Eversheds Sutherland law firm, answered.

App2Top.ru : What exactly does the team of former employees require from Limestone Games?

Tambet ToomelaTambet:

 Limestone Games has seriously violated the rights of former employees. For example, people were not paid extra and were not compensated for additional hours of work. Limestone Games has also prepared illegal reports on the termination of employment contracts, that is, wrongfully refused to dismiss people.

Now we are analyzing and summarizing the information in order to submit an exhaustive list of claims. At the moment, no lawsuits have been filed in court. We are closely monitoring the situation to be able to protect the rights and interests of the development team.

What needs to happen for the team to drop the charges and claims?

Recognition of dismissal, public apology, payment of debts to former employees and partners.

At the same time, the team does not see any opportunity to return to collaboration with Limestone Games either now or in the future.

Have you communicated with Limestone Games lawyers before? Can you outline their positions on the conflict?

Their position is unclear at the moment. Only a few and very vague messages without details.

What do you personally think about the case, is there enough evidence to defend the position of the former employees of Limestone and win the case?

Our position is strong and we are ready to defend our claims in court if necessary.

Is this story unique for Estonian business and the IT sector?

Unfortunately, no. Despite the fact that such cases are somewhat unusual in the gaming sector, stories when an employer threatens the rights and interests of employees (especially when it comes to salaries, working hours, occupational hygiene, equal treatment) occur regularly.

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