In 40% of cases, when it comes to making certain decisions, Kixeye is based on data analysis. In other cases, they follow intuition, said Kixeye CEO Will Harbin.


During the GamesBeat 2014 conference, currently taking place in San Francisco, Will said that a year ago his company was too data-oriented (apparently, then it wasn’t about 40% at all). And that, he said, hurt the company “in some way.”

However, what exactly, Will did not tell. I only noted that now a company that has its own analytics that allows for an ultra-precise analysis of player behavior, an A/B testing platform, and developed data processing methods that allow determining the correctness of decisions made, there is a desire to do something fan-like. 

He also noted that analytics can’t always explain the fan base of a particular product. Therefore, you should not rely too much on data, as many companies do today. 

Source: http://venturebeat.comKixeye is an American studio specializing in creating hardcore browser strategies.

It is believed that Clash of Clans is a simplified version of one of the main hits of Kixeye – Backyard Monsters.