The authors of Candy Crush Saga have little leadership in most of the world’s box office tops, now they are going to patent the words “candy” and “saga”. 

Last February, King filed an application to register the word candy as a trademark for a whole group of products, including candy, clothing and video games.

On January 15, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office gave the go-ahead to consolidate candy as a trademark of King (in the field of electronics, software and video games). Opponents of this decision have a 30-day window to challenge this decision. 

But as of today, if there is the word candy in the name of your application or game project, you will either have to rename it hastily, or hire a lawyer. 

According to GameZebo, iOS developers have already started receiving letters from Apple asking them to change the name of projects with the word “candy” in the name, or remove them from the store. 

Rumors have already spread around the network that King requires the authors of The Banner Saga tactical strategy to also change the name.

Sources: http://www.gamasutra.comhttp://www.gamezebo.comAbout the company: King – a company that started in the segment of casual and flash games for PC, thanks to the success of the Saga series projects on Facebook and mobile platforms, in a couple of years it has turned into one of the most successful global game studios with a DAU of more than 90 million.