Supercell is considering the possibility of releasing Clash of Clans on the Android platform. The date of the appearance of the Russian-language version of the game on the App Store has also become known.

At a party dedicated to the Winter Nights conference, we caught Heinie Vesander, Supercell’s leading PR man. Our first question was about clones. More precisely, about the attitude of the Finns to them. 

Heinie smiled sweetly and said that in Japan, developers involved in cloning games are not considered developers at all. “You can‘t take your virginity twice.” 

We didn’t lose heart and asked directly about Supercell’s attitude to Jungle Heat. Heinie shrugged her shoulders: “The authors of Clash of Clans, of course, are upset about the appearance of the project, but what can we do?”

But you do understand that if CoC were on Android, this might not happen?”

Heinie nods back with a sad smile.

Well, we continue to bend our line. – Will Clash of Clans appear on the Google platform?”

We are considering this possibility,” Heinie prevaricates.

So there is no clear answer?”

No,” Heinie nods.

What about the Russian version of Clash of Clans“?

“The end of this summer.”