Publisher 11 bit Studios has sold 1 million copies of Moonlighter in two years. At the same time, the number of users of the game exceeds the sold circulation by 3.5 times.

Players could take Moonlighter to their library for free as part of a giveaway on the Epic Games Store. A similar distribution was arranged by the Humble store, in addition, the game is available by subscription Xbox Game Pass. Therefore, the audience of indie RPG reached 3.5 million people with sales of 1 million copies.

The publisher considers the sales bar taken to be “significant”. According to a post on the 11 bit Studios website, the game performed well on consoles. Especially on the Nintendo Switch. The switch version of Moonlighter, released last November, generated the largest share of revenue.

Moonlighter is the debut project of Digital Suns developer. This is a role-playing action game with simplified “bagel” elements, where the player manages his store by getting goods for him in the dungeons. The title reached the first high sales milestone of 500 thousand copies in 11 months.

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