The Russian state plans to stimulate the domestic development of patriotic video games. It is going to do this with the help of grants.

Men of War II

Men of War II

This is reported by the publication Znak, according to which money will be allocated to Russian companies to create games in the Russian Federation:

  • about the Great Patriotic War;
  • about famous scouts;
  • about special forces;
  • about national content.

Grants will be distributed based on the results of the competition from the Institute for Internet Development (IRI). The launch of the contest is scheduled for February.

There are no details about the competition, its jury, conditions, as well as the amounts that will serve as a reward at the moment. The press service of the IRI only clarified in an interview with our colleagues that “the amount of funding will depend on the request of the contestant and the analysis of his business plan.”

We also turned to Iran for comment.