The European rating system PEGI will begin to warn buyers of physical copies of video games about the presence of domestic purchases. To do this, a special symbol will be applied to the packaging of games with transactions. The new rule will come into force in the coming months.

PEGI tag about the presence of transactions in the game
“Today, there are purchases in many games, so we need to convey this information to buyers of physical and digital releases.

For example, this measure will warn parents who purchase games for their children. Not all parents are equally well aware of the possibilities of modern games, and we want to fill this gap,” explained Simon Little, Managing Director of PEGI.

PEGI cites data from consumer research company Ipsos. According to his data, 40% of parents surveyed reported that they know about their children’s in-game purchases. The majority (over 80%) of people in this category said that children spend money in games only with their permission. 2% admitted that they do not control the gaming expenses of their offspring in any way.

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