The Odnoklassniki social network summed up the results of the year of its gaming platform. Total payments to game developers by the end of 2021 amounted to 3.2 billion ($ 43.4 million). A third of this amount — 1.2 billion rubles ($16.3 million) — fell on mobile projects.

For comparison:

  • in 2020, total payments amounted to 3.3 billion rubles ($44.9 million), and mobile payments — 970 million rubles ($13.2 million);
  • in 2019, the total was at the level of 3.2 billion rubles ($ 49.6 million), and mobile — 600 million rubles ($9.3 million).

Based on the dynamics, it can be seen that the total revenue of the platform from games is stagnating for the third year in a row. Perhaps one of the few growing segments that compensate for the decline of segments not listed in the report is mobile, which shows excellent dynamics even in dollar terms.

Representatives of the social network also note that the new direction of their platform — hyper-casual games – shows excellent results. Thanks to him, the advertising revenues of game developers on Odnoklassniki increased 3.3 times over the year (the amount of cumulative payments reached 33 million or $442 thousand per month).

Odnoklassniki does not voice the size of its entire gaming audience, as well as its dynamics. However, the figures are divided by the audience of mobile games. According to the data presented, the mobile gaming MAU of the platform reached the mark of 13 million people in 2021. This is 16.3% more than a year earlier (in 2020 it increased by 24.3%).

The highest—grossing mobile games of Odnoklassniki over the past year are “Kiss and Get Acquainted“, “Christmas Tree 2021” and “Pirate Treasures“. The highest-grossing desktop projects of the platform: “Christmas Tree 2021” “Chronicles of Chaos” and “Pirate Treasures”.