This is 51% more than in 2012, according to a study by the domestic retailer Svyaznoy. 75% of the gadgets sold work on Android.

In total, devices worth 176 billion rubles were sold. This is 35% more compared to the same indicators of the year before last. 

However, according to the results of 2013, smartphones failed in kind to overcome the bar of 50% in total sales of mobile devices. They have only 48% of the market. 

Earlier, the retailer reported on overcoming this bar for a single month – August. Svyaznoy also assured that in December the share of smartphones in sales will be 55% at all. As it turned out, this was a very cautious forecast: in December, the share of smartphones in sales was 62%. 

Android smartphones are the most popular, 75% of the devices sold work on this platform. iOS is in second place, and Asha and Windows Phone are in third place with a very small margin.