Jeff Lyndon, one of the founders and executive vice president of iDreamSky, spoke about the difference between Chinese and Western casual game players at the GamesBeat 2014 conference in San Francisco.


Talking about how important it is to enter the Chinese market with the help of local partners, Jeff, as one example of how Chinese casual users differ from Western ones, said that games like Farmville, where you need to help friends harvest, are unlikely to be popular in the Middle Kingdom. 

Chinese games are about stealing a vegetable from a friend,” Jeff said. 

In a romantic game, in turn, it would be better to focus not on the fact that the user (or the main character) is looking for a single one, but on how many girls / guys the character had. 

For the Chinese, the main thing is the presence of a competitive moment: who is cooler, who has more, who is higher, and so on.

Source: http://venturebeat.comiDreamSky – in the west, the company is primarily known for successfully launching Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers and Fruit Ninja in China.