On January 4, a cooperative shooter Deep Rock Galactic appeared in the PlayStation Plus subscription. In the first week, Sony game console owners downloaded the game 6 million times. Before the game appeared in the service, its cumulative sales across all platforms were 3 million copies.

Deep Rock Galactic

PlayStation Plus is a paid service on PlayStation 4 and 5. His subscribers receive 2-3 games to the library every month. As a rule, Sony “distributes” middle-aged and independent projects. However, there are also fresh hits in the collection. For example, last year subscribers received the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

For small teams with potentially strong projects, getting into a subscription is a great marketing tool. It is thanks to the appearance in PlayStation Plus that such titles as Rocket League and Fall Guys have achieved great success. The first one scored 6 million installations in a month, and the second one — a record 17.9 million for subscriptions.

With Deep Rock Galactic, history may repeat itself. Moreover, the game has a chance to beat the Fall Guys in terms of indicators, if, of course, the dynamics persists. Given the success on Steam, where the game was released in early access format back in 2018, this is possible.

Recall that even before the release of a full—fledged release – on Steam and Xbox One in early 2020 — the game sold 2 million copies sold (while the developers expected no more than 200 thousand). Another million copies were sold in early 2022 in parallel with the distribution in PlayStation Plus.

Thus, the total audience of the game has now reached 10 million people.

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative shooter about miners with guns, unfolding on procedurally generated levels. The task of the players is to complete the main task (usually non—combat, for example, to collect certain resources) and return alive.

The project was published by Coffee Stain Publishing, part of the Embracer Group. The developer was the Danish Ghost Ship Games team, numbering only 30 people. Before the appearance of the PlayStation Plus, the game was not on the Sony site.