Vasily Ryabov, who headed the mobile PR department for three years Mail.Ru Group, announced its return to the “GURU Corporation”, which owns a gaming resource .


Who answered in Mail.Ru Group for PR at the launch of mobile games “Evolution: Battle for Utopia”, “Evolution: Heroes of Utopia”, “Juggernaut Wars”, “What? Where? When?” and others, Vasily Ryabov in the ”GURU Corporation” became the director of development of all projects of the company, which today includes five sites, three of which are not gaming.

Before working in Mail.Ru Group Vasily already worked in the “Corporation” – he was the head of the portal . “This is such a comeback,” Ryabov explained .

When asked what was the reason for leaving one of the largest Russian Internet companies, Ryabov replied as follows:


Vasily Ryabov”The decision to leave Mail.Ru It wasn’t spontaneous.

The experience gained in the company is difficult to overestimate: I participated in the creation of a press service for the mobile direction of the gaming department. At a certain point, it became obvious that the marketing department is independent and will be able to function effectively without my active participation. Not so long ago I received an offer of cooperation from new investors of the GURU Corporation. Returning to the company in a new role is a chance to get out of the comfort zone and apply the acquired knowledge and experience in new conditions: in working with game projects from many different companies and publishers.”