As promised at GDC 2013, Havok has released its own free three-dimensional “full cycle” engine Project Anarchy, which supports iOS, Android and, surprise, Tizen.

The package includes tools for working with physics, animation and AI. But the most curious thing is something else. It is stated that Havok is available for download and is free to all companies, regardless of their size or income.” In other words, the engine is completely free.  

Although there are also pitfalls: firstly, the need to join the engine community, and secondly, when publishing the Havok project, it may require a joint advertising campaign. Thirdly, problems with the development of the x86 version of the game (you will need to create an analog).

For those who have money, the opportunity to buy the Pro version is provided. Together with her, the developers will receive the support of the Havok team, as well as permission to port the project to PC and console.