It took the mobile shooter Game Insight two years.

Guns of Boom
The company shared the round figure as part of the announcement of the new Guns of Boom esports season.

The prize fund of the first season, we recall, was $ 200 thousand.

In conversation with Anastasia Afonina, manager for work with key partners of Game Insight, shared the geography of the project, which, according to the analytical service DataMagic, is gaining 1.5-2 million downloads per month.

The top Guns of Boom countries by the number of active players are the USA, Brazil, Russia, India and France.

According to Afonina, it was thanks to the active communities of Brazil and India that the company decided to allow teams from Latin America and Southeast Asia to participate in the second season. The first season was limited to the USA, Europe and the CIS.

As for the box office achievements, then, again, according to unofficial DataMagic data, by now the revenue of the game (excluding the share of the App Store and Google Play) amounted to about $ 26 million.

Estimated revenue of Guns of Boom for all time to mid-December 2018 (DataMagic)
Data from the 

There is no Game Insight at the box office, but the company clarifies that the most profitable regions for its shooter today are the USA, France, Russia, Germany, Great Britain and Italy.

“We have maintained this proportion since the start of the project, and it is for this reason that we launched the first esports season for players in Europe and North America,” Afonina said.

Guns of Boom is a multiplayer first—person shooter. One of its main features is automatic shooting when aiming the sight at an opponent. The game was released as part of sotflonch in October 2016. Its official release took place in May 2017.

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