The publisher of Green Throttle Games, also responsible for the creation of the Atlas Bluetooth Controller, yesterday presented its partner program for mobile game developers.

Gaming companies will be able to conclude a special agreement with Green Throttle, thanks to which they will receive income for each Atlas Controller sold through their game. To do this, they need to register and open an account on the after that, they will receive a unique URL, as well as ready-made banners and images that will automatically track all sales of controllers.

According to Charles Huang, executive director of Green Throttle Games, they strive to combine mobile and console gaming experience. The affiliate program will help them find more people to implement ideas, and, perhaps, will allow developer companies to earn good money.

Recall that Atlas Bluetooth Controller is not just a controller for mobile devices, it also allows you to display an image from Android gadgets on large-format TV screens. Moreover, in some games it is possible to connect up to four Atlas gamepads to play together on one device.  

PS At the moment, users of the device complain about the small number of applications that it supports. In fact, there is nothing to play on it. The cost of one Atlas is $39.95.