The developer of online games gamigo AG announced the purchase of the publisher of casual games Intenium.


The value of the transaction is not reported, but it became known that gamigo AG bought 100% of the shares from the founders of Intenium and their co-owner, the venture company Neuhaus Partners.

CEO of gamigo AG Theodor Niehues noted that the purchase of the publishing house will allow the company to focus on online and mobile business and “significantly increase its profitability.”

The management of gamigo AG expects that with the help of the acquired publishing house, the company will be able to become more attractive to the female part of the audience, since Intenium specializes mainly in casual games.

Intenium has about 60 employees. The most significant project of the studio recently became the game The Rats Online. The title has about two million registered users, of which 1.7 million have appeared in the last four months.

Intenium is headquartered in Hamburg, but the company has a branch in Kaliningrad.

A source: https://www.facebook.comGamigo AG is one of the leading publishers and developers of RPG online games in Europe and North America.

Founded in 2000. The head office is located in Hamburg.