Devolver Digital has hired former App Store gaming business manager Mark Hickey. He took the position of vice president of the company for mobile publishing, reports .

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Hickey will lead the selection of mobile titles for publication under the Devolver Digital brand, as well as support and development of the company’s existing games. One of Hickey’s main responsibilities will be to disseminate information about indie games produced by the studio.

The truth is told that today it is more difficult to notice your game among the millions of available applications and other games, and it costs quite a lot to attract a user. Devolver has a huge audience reach and a very dedicated fanbase, so I believe that people who like Devolver games for PC and consoles will love them on mobile devices as well. I think we will connect with the fans in several interesting and unique ways. I won't go into details about exactly how we will do it, but I can say that we have interesting ideas that no one has seen before.

Mark Hickey

Vice President of Mobile Publishing at Devolver Digital

The appointment of Hickey, who knows the inner kitchen of the App Store perfectly well, shows that Devolver Digital is seriously aimed at publishing more mobile titles. Previously, Devolver mainly focused on PCs and consoles, but now it receives more and more offers for cooperation from mobile developers, Hickey said.

Also, according to him, the company seeks to continue working in the Chinese mobile market. But she, like many other publishers, has to wait until the Chinese authorities allow the issuance of licenses for the publication of games.

Hickey has been working in the gaming industry since 2002. He started at Gameloft. With his participation, more than 100 titles were launched in the App Store. He joined Apple in 2013, becoming a manager for partnerships with gaming companies. In this position, he worked with both major publishers (EA, Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, 2K and Epic Games) and small ones, including Devolver Digital.

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