After the history of the development of the game Aeon Must Die! it was widely publicized, its publisher made official statements. He addressed all the accusations to Limestone Games, but promised to look into the situation.

Aeon Must Die!

The French publisher Focus Home Interactive reacted only a day later to an open letter from former employees of Limestone Games, which stated that he was going to present a game at State of Play that was “stolen from the team and developed under conditions of unpaid crunch.”

In his Twitter, the publisher noted that “he was made aware of serious accusations by some developers of Limestone Games, who worked on the creation of Aeon Must Die!“. These complaints, Focus Home Interactive notes, are addressed to direct employers — Limestone Games studios.

The publisher himself assures that he is carefully considering all the accusations and is going to make “the necessary conclusions, if he considers them justified, and then take all appropriate measures.” Up to this point, he is not going to comment on the situation in any way.

The official comment of Focus Home Interactive was released only after the appeal of the former developers of the studio received widespread media coverage. This happened against the background of the announcement of the new Aeon Must Die trailer! as part of yesterday’s presentation of Sony‘s State of Play.

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