Messengers will become a new gaming platform. Facebook is preparing to launch the Instant Games platform, which will allow you to launch third-party games directly in Facebook Messenger.


As TechCrunch writes with reference to The Information, the social network has already taken up its testing. King and Big Viking are among the developers who are preparing the first games for Instant Games.

Facebook released games for its messenger earlier this year: two simple projects that were launched directly from the chat: football and basketball. However, both were made by the developers of the network itself.

Now, judging by unofficial data from the mentioned publications, third-party teams will also be able to create projects for Facebook Messenger. The publication of the corresponding SDK is planned this month.

What exactly will be the first third-party games for Facebook messenger?

King is preparing Shuffle Cats Mini, a very simple project (and available so far in a limited number of regions) in which you need to shoot cards at pictures with cats. Judging by the first screenshots, it will be impossible to share success. But it will be possible to score points.


If so, then we can suggest: the King game will work exactly the same way as the Facebook games themselves: the player sends a link to the game to the interlocutor, then clicks on it himself, plays, and when he finishes the session, the number of points he scored is displayed in the chat.

Big Viking, which recently raised $21 million to create “HTML5 instant games”, is developing a much more complex project – a vertical scroller Galatron VS with full monetization. The project is already working. It can be launched from your own page, including through a mobile browser.


All this is still unofficial. Facebook itself has not made any official announcements, like King and Big Viking.

A source: TechCrunch