The latest version of Unreal is available from November 15. Most of the innovations in it relate to visualization and performance.


In total, the new version contains more than 71 improvements. Among the most important ones that developers highlight are the following:

  • forward shading support with MSAA for VR;
  • contact shadows;
  • automatic LOD generation;
  • preliminary calculation of lighting;
  • support for Visual Studio “15” out of the box on PC;
  • support for PhysX 3.4 and Ansel Photography from Nvidia;
  • the ability to collect surfaces and apply textures to them in VR;
  • a library of blueprints for downloading and updating the game.

The full list of innovations can be found at the link.

The 14th version of the engine has been in the preview stage since the end of October. Version 13 was released in early September.

Source: Epic Games