The developer of the Russian survival Population Zero has problems. After unsuccessful early access, Enplex Games made cuts. Now she is looking for a publisher or partner to create Population Zero 2.0.

The other day, a source close to the project said that the entire Enplex Games development team was disbanded in July.

We received this message in the background:

In this regard, we contacted representatives of the company. In response, we received an official comment from Enplex Games. According to him, there was no dissolution, but dismissals took place:

Our Population Zero project did not have the smoothest launch in early access. This seriously affected the condition of our entire team, so it became smaller, we outsourced some of the people.

According to the statement, work on the game continues:

At the moment we are analyzing the information obtained during the launch of early access and are considering where and how to develop our project. We see the potential in Population Zero, we love it and we want to do everything we promised.

Moreover, Enplex Games is looking for partners to create a new version of survival. Moreover, as far as can be understood from the comment, the studio is considering the possibility of completely transferring the project into the hands of another company:

We are also open to publishers and those who are ready to make PZ 2.0 together with us or independently. We remind you that our servers are online, we continue to work for our players and PZ is one of the directions of our work.

A few hours after receiving the comment, a post about the fate of the project also appeared on the pages of our Triple-A PR colleagues. It reported that:

  • some Enplex leads/managers changed jobs back in June;
  • anonymous sources told the publication that the developer is looking for a publisher to reboot Population Zero or develop its other hypostasis.

Both of these statements are partially confirmed by the official comment we received.

Population Zero went into early access on Steam in early May. Its launch, despite an excellent marketing campaign, was unsuccessful. At the start, the game’s scores were 17%.

The game was accused of poor technical condition, lack of key mechanics for multiplayer survival and a strong reduction in the cost of content for the game after release (the price of one of the sets fell from 5,300 rubles to 269 rubles).

As we wrote in a detailed analysis of the situation, good PR has served the game badly. He brought a large number of users into the game at the start, who were not ready to put up with the traditional disadvantages for early access.

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