Giveaways on the Epic Games Store continue to attract millions of players. This time, 10 million people took a free copy of Remnant: From the Ashes for a week of distributing the game in the store.

The outstanding results of the third-person role-playing game were reported by the authors of the game on Twitter. They thanked the audience for their support and wished success in saving humanity.

The distribution took place from August 13 to August 20, and immediately after it, the developer studio Gunfire Games released a paid add-on called “Subject 2923”. The DLC continues the Remnant: From the Ashes storyline and reveals the origin of the Sleepers.

The last distribution was among the most successful on the Epic Games Store.

Recall that the first free game in this store was Subnautica, which collected 4.5 million downloads in two weeks. Until today, according to open data, World War Z managed to get the most downloads in a week (9.9 million).

The last high-profile distribution was Total War Saga: Troy, which sold 7.5 million free copies in a day and a half a week ago.

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