The wargames market is not at all alien to the trend of “mergers and acquisitions”. This is clearly demonstrated by yesterday’s deal between Slitherine Group and Shenandoah Studio.


The British Slitherine, publisher of more than a dozen PC wargames and several significant iPad releases (Panzer Corps and Frontline: Road to Moscow among them, Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon is on the way), has acquired an American studio, famous for such tactical strategies as Desert Fox, Drive on Moscow and Battle of the Bulge.

The founder and CEO of Shenandoah, Eric Lee Smith, explains the sale of his own company by saying that Slitherine has the opportunity to scale the success of the company.

It is not known how much the purchase cost the British.

Source: http://www.shenandoah-studio.comSlitherine Group is a British publisher and developer of video games.

Specializes in historical wargames. Founded in 2010 by Ian McNeil (Iain McNeil).Shenandoah Studio is a small (15 people) American studio that creates wargames for mobile devices.