In 2018, software engineer James Liu was invited to work at Amazon. That’s just that he didn’t like some of the points of the company’s employment contract, which concerned the creation of personal games outside of work. Liu recently shared a fragment of the document on Twitter, and his post immediately went viral.

As Liu points out, Amazon doesn’t mind its employees making their own games in their free time. However, they are obliged to use the company’s products and services when developing.

Another clause of the contract states that employee games must be hosted on Amazon platforms. For example, mobile titles need to be sent to the Amazon Appstore. Employees should also leave feedback on the work of these platforms so that the company can improve them.

You can only make your own games together with other Amazon employees to prevent competition. Moreover, developers are obliged to provide Amazon with free, fully paid licenses and transfer intellectual property rights to the game.

Also in the comments, Liu noted that Amazon does not get ownership of the game. But at the same time, she can sell or clone it without paying royalties for it.

Liu called such rules “draconian” and refused to work at Amazon, despite the high salary. He now works at Google.

Some developers, after reading the post, supported Liu. Ian, the producer of Fighting Chance, shared an excerpt from the contract with 2K, which prohibits employees from publicly “belittling the dignity” of the company’s products and services.

“Companies should appreciate and rejoice that their employees develop their own games that allow them to grow as professionals,” he wrote.

Однако нашлись и разработчики, которые не нашли ничего особенного в контракте. По их словам, это обычная практика среди игровых и технологических компаний.

Although I heard that other employees did have such restrictions.

Один из пользователей отметил, что первые четыре пункта контракта Amazon в целом неплохие и во многом лучше стандартных договоров с инженерами-программистами. Но остальные выглядят травмирующими.