After the successful launch of the budget Star Wars Force Collection, Disney decided to release another card battler for the popular universe. 

Yesterday, Disney announced on its Twitter Star Wars: Assault Team. Judging by the only screenshot presented, the project is a collectible card buttler.

In the presence of original art, three-dimensional models and special effects.

Recall that the first battler based on Star Wars – Star Wars Force Collection, which Komani released in September, looked no better than Rage of Bahamut. Quite possibly, he was a “touchstone”. 

Having seen by his example the high potential of such projects in the “Star Wars” universe, Disney decided to take a serious approach to development. 

For reference, now Star Wars Force Collection is in the top 60 box office games of the American box office top for iPhone. 

Who is engaged in its creation is still unclear. There are three options: either the mobile division of Disney, or Konami, which has shown its worth, or some third-party studio. 

The game will appear in the windows of the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store this spring.   

A source: http://toucharcade.comDisney (aka The Walt Disney Company) is a giant entertainment holding company whose market capitalization at the beginning of 2013 was about $122 billion.

Owns companies such as Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, DreamWorks and many others.