The cartoon company continues to milk the Where’s My brand. This time, the main character of Disney, Mickey Mouse, will need water.

Unlike last week’s frankly boring releases, this one promises to be no less hot than the one before last. We have already reported that XCOM for iOS will be released on June 20. Today it became known about the new Disney project, which will also be released this Thursday. 

The game is called Where’s My Mickey?. As you can guess from the name – this is the ideological heir of Where My Water? and Where’s My Perry?, released in 2011 and 2012, respectively. 

Until now, Where’s My remains the most (and in fact, the only) successful mobile project of Disney, not counting joint developments with Imangi. And this is despite a portfolio of 232 titles on the App Store alone!

So what’s the announcement of Where’s My Mickey? it can hardly be called a big surprise. In one form or another, such a project should be born. 

The only thing that raises serious questions at the moment is the visual component. In contrast to the juicy and rich in details Where Is My Water? and, in general, cute Where’s My Perry?, Where’s My Mickey? greets with dirty colors and primitive drawing.

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