Valve has made its competitive shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shareware. This innovation upset many gamers who played CS:GO the last six years.

Картинки по запросу counter-strike global offensive

On the very first day, more than 14 thousand negative reviews were collected on the game’s Steam page. Now, four days later, there are 25 thousand such reviews.

Veterans are dissatisfied with the influx of weak newcomers who “do not know what they are doing.” Players are also concerned about the increase in cheaters.

In addition, players who have bought the game over the past six years are worried about the money spent. They weren’t given anything useful, just a badge. In the reviews, old-timers ask for a unique skin or at least a medal.

The transition of the game to frituplay became known at The Game Awards. Valve also introduced the “Forbidden Zone” mode into the game — a full-fledged battle royale. From 16 to 18 players can fight in it.

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