Selling nostalgia is fashionable now. Familiar (and sometimes favorite) the name in the name of the game in the digital market is capable of a lot. Contra is a great name in this regard. 

A little history

The original game appeared in 1987. It was only available on slot machines. A year later, Konami ported it to the NES. It is believed that the success of the project brought multiplayer for two players, which was still a novelty in the late 80s, the ability to shoot in eight directions (as well as from a prone position), as well as high dynamics.

The latter, along with not the most familiar management, seriously raised the complexity of the project. Playing, it was possible to break the gamepad. Which, however, did not deprive the game of drive. 

Our time

In the wake of the massive porting of classic titles to mobile platforms (some of which, by the way, have very successfully taken root on new ground), Konami, introducing Contra Evolution, thereby decided to recall one of its most popular IP. 

The new game is a copy of the original redrawn by the Chinese from CocoaChina/Chukong. The problem is that, as in the case of Metal Slug, creating such a project is a very dubious step. It’s one thing to develop your brands by releasing projects based on canonical games based on other mechanics, another thing is to literally transfer them to iOS or Google Play.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the first negative reviews of the game, already available in the Chinese App Store. Those who have seen the project also scold it for excessively harsh monetization. They say that in order not to play the game again after each death, you need to buy “crystals” for real money. But just this moment seems to us to be sound. The original Contra also asked for money if the game character died. So at least everything is fair here. 

At the moment, the project is available only to Chinese App Store users.

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