Six months after leaving BioWare, well-known developer Casey Hudson announced the launch of his own indie studio. Humanoid Studios has opened in Canada. She will create games on a new IP.

Casey Hudson

Humanoid Studios is a new video game company that is built on the belief that creative freedom and independence help to develop high—quality innovative games.

We believe in the power of small teams and a horizontal organizational structure in which each person can make decisions and influence the vision of the project.

From the description on the Humanoid Studios website

Humanoid Studios offices are located in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. But at first, employees will have to work remotely due to the limitations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are currently seven vacancies open in the studio, including senior gameplay programmer, chief operating Officer and senior level designer.

It is unknown what kind of games Hudson’s studio will make. The job descriptions say only that the team will create “a new exciting universe with its own history, characters and discoveries.” Perhaps the games will be made on the Unreal Engine.

The news about the opening of Humanoid Studios was well received on Twitter. Hudson was congratulated by Geoff Keighley, Patrick Weeks, Cory Barlog and many other industry representatives.

Also, the network has already started betting on who will buy Hudson’s studio in the future — Microsoft or Sony. This is probably due to the activity of the latter in the M&A market.

Hudson started his career at BioWare. He led the creation of the Mass Effect trilogy and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. But in 2014 he decided to leave the company and in 2015 he took the post of creative director at Microsoft. Two years later, Hudson returned to BioWare, from where he finally left in December 2020.