The talk around a possible price increase for games for the PS5 and Xbox Series X is not going to subside. This time, the Japanese studio Capcom joined them.

Two months ago, analysts from IDG said that the standard price for basic versions of games ($60) was outdated and should be $10 more. They explained this by the increased costs of creating games and the fact that the last time the price tag was changed back in 2005.

Publishers reacted to this in different ways.

For example, Take-Two was the first to agree with IDG and confirmed that at least part of its titles for the next generation of consoles will cost $70. But Ubisoft is going to sell games, the release of which is scheduled for autumn, at the usual price.

But while some publishers say a clear “yes” to price increases, and others say the same clear “no”, Capcom remains neutral. As it turned out after a recent conversation with investors, the studio has not made a final decision. This is reported by the VideoGamesChronicle portal.

“We currently have no established policy,” Capcom said. “We will make a decision after analyzing our strengths and weaknesses, as well as trends in the gaming industry.”

However, it cannot be said that Capcom’s position has become unique for the gaming market. Earlier, a similar opinion was expressed in Electronic Arts. Most other publishers have not commented on the situation yet.

Capcom is a Japanese game studio and one of the world’s largest publishers. She owns the franchises Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Monster Hunter and others. Recently, the company announced the release of two games for next-generation consoles: Resident Evil Village and the new IP – Pragmata.

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