The game industry in England has 1,902 studios and can cost up to $2.8 billion, which is twice as much as according to official estimates it was in 2012, – Ukie, a non-profit association of game manufacturers in the UK, together with the charity Nesta, wrote in its report.


One of the reasons for such rapid growth is Apple’s influence on the industry. The data shows that more than half of all studios develop games for iOS. Moreover, many companies are created precisely for the purpose of creating titles for the “apple” corporation. Perhaps this is also because iOS apps earn more than others in the segment.

The data obtained by the TIGA trade association confirms that British developers want to make games for Apple. Recall that the survey showed that 73% of respondents make games for iPad, 72% for iPhone, and 63% of developers create projects for Android.

Such detailed data was obtained for the first time. Before that, the game industry in the UK was evaluated by the National Institute of Statistics ONS in accordance with the standard classification of the industry (SIC). Since many studios choose forms of doing business that do not allow them to be determined according to SIC, government statistics are inaccurate.

A source: http://www.gamesindustry.bizApple Inc. is a corporation founded in the 70s in America.

 It produces personal and tablet computers, audio players, phones, and software.  In the consumer electronics industry, Apple has a unique reputation comparable to a cult.