The family of record magnate Clive Calder has invested heavily in the Star Citizen space. Cloud Imperium Games Studio received a one-time investment of $46 million.

Картинки по запросу star citizen

According to VentureBeat, in return, the billionaire and his son Keith Calder received a 10% stake in Cloud Imperium and several seats on the board of directors. Control over the studio will be retained by CEO Chris Roberts, whose share in it is 75%.

The studio said that most of the investment will go to marketing a single—player campaign for Star Citizen – Squadron 42. The release of the component is scheduled for summer 2020.

Over the past five years, Cloud Imperium Games has raised $211 million through crowdfunding. The company’s value was $496 million. And this despite the fact that her only game is still in development. Star Citizen managed to become famous as the video game that raised the most funds with the help of public funding. Last year, she raised $35 million.

CEO of Cloud Imperium Games

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